Tips to protect our teeth this Holiday season

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The holiday season is here, with all the festivities around Christmas and New Year creating a joyous celebration time. On behalf of Northcote Family Dental, we wish you all a happy holiday season and want you and your family to be safe, healthy, and happy. Even though this may be arguably the most wonderful time […]

How to Address the issue of Dental Anxiety or Phobia

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To keep our teeth and gums healthy, we should visit or consult a dentist periodically, preferably once in six months or even earlier if there is an emergency. These visits or consultation can help us to detect cavities, gingivitis, or other ailments and prevent them from aggravating. However, many of us suffer from dental anxieties […]

What is the Child Dental Benefit Scheme in Australia?

Child dental benefits scheme

Dental care is a lifelong activity for everyone in the family to ensure the teeth remain healthy. However, children can be the weakest link in this activity as they are prone to eating sugary food and not mature enough to understand the need for taking proper dental care. Due to their unhealthy food choices, children […]

Stay Aware & Safe during COVID-19 lockdown

: Stay Aware & Safe during COVID-19 lockdown

In the wake of the global pandemic, the novel coronavirus (COVID–19), we understand that social distancing is one of the most important preventive step. As healthcare professionals in today’s time, we request you to adhere to the various rules and regulations set aside by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) and DHHS.VIC.GOV.AU. If we could work […]