Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to show through the gums when people are in their late teens or early twenties.
Sometimes as the wisdom teeth emerge, a small infection can occur in the gum immediately surrounding the tooth. This infection is called ‘pericoronitis’ and is a result of plaque and bacteria becoming trapped between the tooth and the surrounding gum.

If the back of the jaw doesn’t have enough space for the wisdom teeth to come through, as is sometimes the case, the teeth become wedged in, or “impacted”. Some impacted teeth may cause severe problems, while others may remain buried and cause no trouble. Problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth are:

  • infection
  • pain
  • crowding
  • cysts
  • damage to nearby molars
  • ulcers
  • cavities caused by food becoming trapped

Where to find the dentist for Wisdom tooth removal?

If your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, it may be recommended that they be removed. Removing wisdom teeth is a very common procedure and should be done as soon as a problem starts to occur. We, Northcote Family Dental provide a wide range of services related to wisdom tooth removal, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry etc. just to name few.

The method used for extraction varies for each tooth and person. Some teeth can be simply removed under local anaesthesia like any other extraction. Impacted (trapped) teeth will often require a minor surgical procedure to lift the tooth out of the surrounding bone and gum. Surgery may be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Removing wisdom teeth will cure your gum disease, pain and sore. Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure. The procedure is painful and not so comfortable. However, this is normal. After your wisdom teeth are pulled, wisdom teeth begin to recover gradually.

Please feel free to book your appointment for the treatment.